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Louter is a representative of several top tier brands. We work closely with several national and international leading brands to offer a complete range of products, items, machines, professional kitchens, services and solutions.

We listen to the questions, requirements and wishes of our customers. We take this information to our suppliers. In order to incorporate the wishes and input of the users into the development. This enables us, together with the customer, to fine-tune products, user materials, machines, commercial kitchens and equipment even more to their practical use. This provides our customers daily more benefit, working comfort, yield and efficiency.

Are you looking for a solution or a specific product? Our knowledge of the market and our extensive, specific experience with customized solutions enable us to think differently, and we dare to do so. This produces results. Louter continuously researches parties that distinguish themselves as suppliers in the market.

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Jaccard Commercial Food Processing
Winterhalter commercial dishwashers


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