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Supplies for food sector
Louter is the wholesaler for consumable goods and user goods for every company that works with food.

W‌e supply our clients with:
‌- Hygiene, cleaning and protection products
‌- Products for processing, cooling, packing, transporting and selling of food.

‌Our products are suitable for the medical and food industry.

Custom solutions

Custom professional kitchen by Louter
Professional kitchens for top performance in an optimal working environment.

Louter is the professional kitchen specialist. Your partner for large kitchens, professional kitchens and high quality kitchen equipment.

Complete bespoke solutions for the catering industry, company restaurants, hotels, healthcare, production, education and convenience concept sectors.

In short, a suitable solution for every sector.
Custom solutions

Service & machinery

Winterhalter conveyor transport dishwasher built by Louter
Louter is a full service company. We combine a wholesale company for the food industry with a service organisation and project management. We not only built and install professional kitchens, production and retail solutions. We ‌also offer service and maintenance to ensure that your equipment is running in top working order. We serve diverse clients; from institutions to chains. 
Service & machinery
Louter office


We are a second-generation familiy business that started 2011 as a wholesaler, but grew out to be much more than that.

Service and machinery; new machines as well as occasions. Maintanance and repairs are done by our own service technicians.
Supplies; kitchen tools, disposables and much more.
Premium kitchens and custom solutions; dishwashing installations, commercial kitchens, bars, retail concepts and corporate cafeteria's.


Customers of us include many pubs, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, coffee corners and casual dining groups. In addition we are proud to supply a large proportion of the very demanding retail and restaurants sector as well as health care organizations.

We provide solutions for the food sector. If you have a location, a product and a team, we take care of the rest. We can provide everything you need to produce, sell and distribute food products. If you need knives, a dishwasher or maybe a complete kitchen: contact us!

Your supplier for:

Smeg foodservice


Handelsonderneming Louter
Witte Paal 320 C
1742 LE Schagen
‌The Netherlands 

Company info:

‌Chamber of Commerce: 84850566
‌VAT (NL): 8267.00.688.B.01
V‌AT (EU): 8634.12.178.B.01


T: +31 224 217 273
F: +31 224 291 735
E: info@louteronline.nl

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